Especially in recent years, the poverty in third-world countries increased dramatically and more and more people die because they have nothing to eat. Most of the problems are caused by inappropriate education and a horrible social system. To reduce these social problems to some extent, I am in charge of different projects for the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. The main goal of my work is to help children not only to find a place to stay but to provide them with a real family and with proper education.
To raise awareness of young people in the so-called industrial nations, I try to provide them with possibilities for social engagement in developing countries.

Together with the various organizations, I always aim to support development projects and also provide them with motivated volunteers. These volunteers have a great impact and can help make a difference for a better future.
For the German Ministry for Families and Youth and for the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, I am in charge of various projects in Africa, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Even charity organizations need money to provide people in need with food and assistance. An intelligent fundraising strategy is very important to ensure not only their current daily work but also their future activities. During my work, I have established contact with donors such as Google, and developed an efficient donation management system for charity organizations.
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