Your success is my goal - under this slogan I always aim to analyze the current work processes and optimize them for suitability to your company. Over the past years I worked for global players such as Wincor Nixdorf, and helped to optimize not only the normal workflow but I was also actively involved with quality management and research.

Not only private companies make use of my services but also governmental facilities. For example, at the University of Ilmenau I'm involved in the department of foreign affairs and at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic I have worked as a guest professor together with future diplomats.

At the moment I'm involved in a social media research project, which monitors and analyze social behavior for cases of risk prevention for private companies. It works an early warning device customized for the needs of each individual company.
Over the past years, an important part of my international work was to create and optimize risk prevention systems and to develop emergency and evacuation plans for natural and political disasters. To discover potential risks as early as possible, I have developed an additional social behavior analytical tool, which alerts your company long before a crisis actually happens and helps you find suitable ways of prevention.
For international cooperation every company needs an expert who is able to understand the local culture of their business partners. As I have already successfully conducted different contract negotiations in countries such as Kenya, India, Nepal and Kazakhstan, I am capable of adapting to every new situation and can help your company achieve beneficial agreements.
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